Brightstar Communications, Inc. is your trusted partner in a successful structured-cabling installation. Our cabling solutions encompass all communication applications, including voice, video and data.


Cabling projects are managed by an experienced project manager whose primary responsibility is to ensure that installations are completed on time and meet industry standards. Once installed, all cables are tested and documented electronically for customer convenience.


Voice & Data Cabling Services


Assessment & Planning

Brightstar offers a full range of structured cabling services and can plan and design a structured voice and data cabling system that will allow your business to cost effectively plan, install, and manage the complex cable infrastructure required by today's networks.


Cable Testing & Certification

Brightstar also provides cable testing and certification services. Every Brightstar cabling system, including all associated components, are installed to meet Category 5 and Category 6 performance standards. These standards ensure that your network cabling can accommodate the bandwidth requirements of today's100Mbps Fast Ethernet as well as tomorrow's faster technologies.


Fiber Optic Cabling Services

Brightstar designs, installs, tests & maintains Fiber Optic cabling systems, including Splicing & Termination of multimode & single mode fiber cables.


FutureFLEX® Authorized Dealer


As a Licensed FutureFLEX® Installer, Brightstar Communications is a key partner in delivering today’s most advanced fiber solution to the marketplace — the FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® Optic Cabling System


FutureFLEX's advantages over other fiber optic infrastructures are overwhelming. Consider the following benefits to determine why FutureFLEX® offers the most advanced and cost effective system available for the current and future needs of your network. FutureFLEX®, a point-to-point infrastructure, enables you to :

  • Scale your network immediately, control network capacity, optimize conduit space, meet your bandwidth requirements in minutes, save significant labor and overall project costs, and upgrade your network at the exact pace of emerging technology.
  • Quickly and easily blow in any fiber type when and where you need it, taking advantage of "fiber on demand" to meet any network add, move, change, or reconfiguration in minutes or hours versus the days, weeks, or even months of pulling in traditional fiber optic cable. 

Fiber Optic Termination & Testing

Brightstar offers a full range of fiber optic cabling Our Fiber Optic termination and testing service is offered to corporate end users as well as other communication providers who prefer to use our skilled services rather than invest in expensive test equipment and costly engineer training.


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