The Solartime Wireless Clock and Emergency Mass Notification Systems not only keep students and faculty on the same schedule, it can save their lives in an emergency.

Mass Notification Across an Entire Campus or City in Seconds, not Minutes.


Utilizing the BRG Solartime Transmitter, you can easily transform your BRG Wireless Synchronized Clock System into a wireless emergency mass notification system. BRG offers wireless moving message displays for sending alphanumeric messages throughout your campus and wireless PA speakers to broadcast verbal messages and alerts indoors or out. You can even use the moving message displays in classrooms as a secondary clock.

The BRG Wireless Software allows you to pre-program 16 messages into the software. These messages can be audio only, text only or both. The Solarsign Moving Message Displays will display time, date and any message that is sent to it from the BRG Wireless Software.

The wireless PA speakers and the moving message displays can be addressed to cover different zones across campus. You can send messages to individual zones, or all of the zones at the same time. There are 256 different zones that can be set-up on the system.



The Solarwave OBS (Outdoor Broadcast System) is designed to deliver high quality audio messages to a broad area. In an emergency it is important to cover all parts of your campus.

Benefits of a BRG System:

  • Able to synchronize all clocks throughout the entire facility or campus
  • Send emergency announcements wirelessly throughout a facility or campus
  • Uses an FCC Licensed frequency
  • Preprogrammed emergency announcements ensure a calm, clear and concise message
  • Uses AT&T “Natural Voices” text-to-speech system allowing the accuracy of a typed message, and the flexibility of live audio as pre-recorded audio does not have the flexibility to follow changing conditions
  • Broadcast audio/text messages throughout your campus using wireless speakers and message displays
  • Send emergency announcements with the click of a mouse (activation from any telephone optional)
  • Master transmitter automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time
  • BRG offers the latest and most reliable way to wirelessly synchronize all time displays in your facility to the U.S. Time Standard. Further, wireless synchronization is now available at a lower cost than most wired systems.