From growing an existing Voice over IP (VoIP) customer base to transforming the network for new services such as Hosted VoIP, Business Trunking, IP Telephony, you need affordable solutions for converged voice, data and Internet services. ADTRAN offers a breadth of converged access products for flexible, reliable VoIP connectivity with room for future growth. Our industry-leading Integrated Access Devices (IADs), innovative IP Business Gateways, and market-proven routers, switches, and IP telephony platforms are engineered to reduce VoIP implementation costs for carriers, SMBs and enterprise networks.


IP Business Gateways


SIP or MGCP Gateways that support IP Trunking and analog, digital or PoE interfaces.


IP Communications Platform


Complete all-in-one voice and data platforms that provides PBX, voicemail, auto attendant, 24-port PoE switch, router, and VPN firewall.




IP PBX platform that provides PBX and key system modes with voicemail, auto attendant and integral 24-port PoE switch


IP Phones


Business-class SIP Phones for Voice over IP


Ethernet Switches for VoIP


Standalone Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Gigabit Ethernet Switches optimized for implementing VoIP networks.

Wireless LAN



ADTRAN recently announced the acquisition of Bluesocket, a leading innovator in virtual wireless LAN solutions. Virtualization is a key component to scaling wireless networks. As enterprises become increasingly mobile and distributed, traditional controller based architectures become costly and cumbersome to manage. Our key innovation is the virtualization of the control and management of the wireless network, or better know as vWLAN. Remote sites and users are managed from a single location that can be private or public cloud based.


ADTRAN is the only company to provide wireless LAN control through a VMware ready application. This new, next generation wireless architecture is designed around a concept of simplified scalability. vWLAN removes the complexities of dealing with controller capacity by centralizing the management and control functions. Therefore, adding additional access points to the vWLAN system is as easy as installing a software license, which can extend the coverage to thousands of APs.


Access Points


ADTRAN's high-performance 802.11a/b/g/n Access Points




ADTRAN is the only company to provide wireless LAN control through a VMware Ready application.

Integrated Access


ADTRAN offers a full suite of Integrated Access Devices all specifically designed for converged IP or TDM voice and data services including Internet access, corporate voice and data, and video applications. A variety of fixed-port and modular chassis solutions offer numerous WAN connectivity options; routing; analog and digital voice interfaces; data, video and backup features; advanced security functions including stateful inspection firewall and VPN; QoS, Voice Quality Monitoring; and much more. ADTRAN's industry-leading market-position in integrated access ensures reliability and market-proven performance.

  • Industry-leading converged services and circuit consolidation solutions
  • Reduces overall network and telecom expenses
  • Provides a migration path to additional network services such as VoIP
  • Variety of product lines designed for all types of network needs from TDM to ATM and IP
  • Modular and Fixed-port Carrier-Class SIP, MGCP, and TDM IADs
  • Enterprise-Class T1, Multi-T1/PRI and T3 IADs

Products by Line/Family

  • Total Access 850 Series
    • Modular, Multi-service TDM/Packet Integrated Access Devices
  • ATLAS 550 Series
    • Multi-T1/PRI Integrated Access Device
  • ATLAS 800 Series
    • High Capacity Integrated Access Device